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Newport Folk 2013: Milk Carton Kids

One of the great things about Newport Folk, is that even though it's a massive festival, there is still a space for the performers with a light, delicate touch.

Milk Carton Kids refer to themselves as "minimalist," but that seems to only consider their volume and band size.  The thoughtful instrumentation and interplay might be understated, but it's not underdeveloped.

Milk Carton Kids come to Newport Folk 2013, and mvyradio will be there again, participating in NPR Music's coverage. Hear performances live from the stage on mvyradio, July 26th through 28th. And watch this space for more NFF artist previews.

Hear Milk Carton Kids and the other artists scheduled to appear at this year's festival, on our Newport Folk Channel, which you can stream for free!

Hear a short set on Youtube.



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