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Newport Folk 2013: Beth Orton

She's been making her singular style of music for so long, you'd be forgiving for forgetting that Beth Orton has been making music that was once considered "Folk" and not just making music that was of a genre called "Beth Orton."

Early on, she paired Folk with Electronic atmosphere, but her recent work put the small "e" on "electronic" and the Big "A" on "Atmosphere."

Beth Orton comes to Newport Folk 2013, and mvyradio will be there again, participating in NPR Music's coverage. Hear performances live from the stage on mvyradio, July 26th through 28th. And watch this space for more NFF artist previews.

Hear Beth Orton and the other artists scheduled to appear at this year's festival, on our Newport Folk Channel, which you can stream for free!

Hear "Stolen Car" on Youtube.

Hear "Call Me The Breeze" on Youtube.



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