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Newport Folk 2013: Father John Misty

"Just look deeply into my eyes when we speak, and I am fine . . ."

It doesn't matter if you call him J. Tillman, Josh, John or even Chris, according to the man now best known as Father John Misty.

Has there been a drummer (other than perhaps Dave Grohl) who has emerged from behind the kit to possess such magnetic personality, fantastic showmanship and cult-ready music?

Check out the videos below.  The first may make you fall in love with the man.  The second will make you want to party with him.  And the third one may just blow your mind for sheer, unhinged hilariousness.

Father John Misty comes to Newport Folk 2013, and mvyradio will be there again, participating in NPR Music's coverage.  Hear performances live from the stage on mvyradio, July 26th through 28th.  And watch this space for more NFF artist previews.

Hear "Only Son Of The Ladies Man" on Youtube.

Hear "I'm Writing A Novel" on Youtube.

Hear the hilarious interview on Youtube.



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