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Newport Folk 2013: JD McPherson

We're crazy 'bout this OK boy . . .

JD McPherson seemed to come out of nowhere.  Or more accurately, seemed to come out of a time machine.  mvyradio listeners couldn't believe that his music was a new release and not some vintage recording.

And the analog doesn't lie.  McPherson's raw talent and classic sounding voice cut right through.  Just check out the live, acoustic take of "North Side Gal" below.

JD McPherson comes all the way from Tulsa, OK, to Newport Folk 2013, and mvyradio will be there again, participating in NPR Music's coverage.  Hear performances live from the stage on mvyradio, July 26th through 28th.  And watch this space for more NFF artist previews.

And you can hear more Newport Folk 2013 artists on the mvyradio Newport Folk channel.

Hear the song on Youtube.



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