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For 88.7FM listeners in Chilmark and Aquinnah


When the FCC gave mvyradio permission to boost the power on our 88.7FM signal, we knew it would improve reception for many up-Islanders.  But we also knew that this upgrade would not be enough to improve the signal in every up-Island location, due to certain geographic and engineering concerns.

We are exploring technical ways to boost the weak signal for listeners up-Island who are still not getting a clear signal from MVY on 88.7FM.

Step one is to identify exactly where the signal is working well and where it isn't.  Can you help us?

Could you respond to this email with some specific information?

Let us know where you are when you try to tune in.  Streets and addresses will help us pinpoint things.

Let us know if you are listening in a home, or in a moving vehicle (this makes a difference!).

Let us know if the signal is "strong," "weak" or "non-existent" (if you hear classical music only, you're hearing a station in Rhode Island, so note as "non-existent").

Share this email with your up-Island friends.  We'll use the information to create a map, which our engineers can use to suggest a plan to boost or relay our current signal.

Send your information to pj@mvyradio.com.

Thank you for your help and support!



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