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Update on Laurel, Ray, Tessa and Ellie

As some of you know, MVY DJ's Laurel Redington and Ray Whitaker, along with their daughter Tessa, and Tessa's friend Ellie, were in a very serious car accident near Richmond, Virginia during April vacation week.

Many of you have asked for details.  Others have asked how to help.

This site offers information on both.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for our dear friends.


Chris Fiore said...

I'm an avid listener to Mvy , and I miss laurel in the morning, it like when you leave home and you just don't get the right coffee to start your day. That's how I feel not hearing her friendly voice in the am, not to mention her musical choices. I could always tell it wasn't her even before the SUB confirmed laurel was out. So each morning when I run I think of her and her family and friend hoping that I will hear that all is right with the world once again , and I can laugh with Ray and his incite on the Beatles, and dance in the kitchen with Laurel. Get well so my Radio friends love and music Chris Fiore your narragansett girl


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