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mvy News: Laurel Makes A Change

Laurel Redington is making a change to her on-air schedule.  She tells us why:

As any parent knows, time never goes faster than through your kids! We have so little time with them before they “fly the nest” and are off on their own adventure! I don’t want to miss a thing and as the mother of a high school freshman girl, the early morning hours spent getting ready for school and talking about this and that at night before bed is extremely important to us both! We all have choices and the ones we make create our lives and whether we enjoy the journey or miss the entire thing and these are moments I don’t want to lose! That is why starting Monday morning, January 6th, 2014, you will hear the friendly voice of, a hilarious and wonderful friend, Megan Ward between 5:30am-8am. I will remain on the air between 8-11am. I am excited about the new chapter all of us here at mvyradio will be opening in 2014! Remember we will be back on the FM band at 88.7 come springtime!


Karendonn@verizon.net said...

Best of luck Laurel! I can totally understand where you're coming from! As the mother of a college graduate and a daughter going back for her last semester of college, I know all too well how time surely does fly! I will miss you doing the "morning movie quote" ( I won again this morning!) but look forward to hearing from you in the 8 o'clock hour. You are all so wonderful on MVY! Thank you all!
Karen Donnelly (Karen from Narragansett)

Jeanne BG said...

Hi Laurel, Happy New Year and happy new changes! Congrats for making a great decision to spend more time with your daughter. Time does fly way to fast! Glad you will still be on during my 'sweet spot' 8 - 11, as I sit at my desk! All the best, Jeanne Black Guidi - West Roxbury & OB

Anne said...

Laurel, I commend your decision. The time flies by and you never get those days back. Any time you can spend with your daughter is cherrished and invaluable. It is not always fun and games, but it makes a difference in your life and the life of your child. They may not always appreciate it, or vocalize their appreciation, but the proof will be later in life when they are out of high school and are more independent. Your positive attitude in the morning is a breath of fresh air. Family always needs to be first!

~long time listener Anne from Scituate and Centerville

Anonymous said...

I couldn't start my morning without you! I listen to you almost every day from where ever I am. We are lucky to have you, 8 to 11 is perfect for me, hope it is for you too!
With much love from,
Stacy in Edgartown

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time! Helen and I will miss you!

-Meghan from Plymouth

Laurel said...

Thank you so much for your sweet support!
Yay Karen!! Nice going! lol! Congratulations, you must be very proud of your girls!
Meghan and Helen! I'm going to miss YOUR FRIENDLY RIVALRY! May the volley continue! ha!
Stacy ...I love you!
Anne, you said it, family first and the pay off will come, ha! Thanks for YOUR positive energy!
Jeanne!! Thanks so much for the note! I feel so happy! I am glad we will be able to continue to spend time together between 8-11!


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